Habits that damage our brain

Habits that damage our brain

Our daily performed actions contribute to our brain's destruction.

This article will be slightly different from all the blogs and documents that you see here. In this article, I have listed all the habits of everyday life which damage our brain and affect our mental health. After a lot of research and everyday observations on my own brain functioning, I am writing.....


We all love to eat. Many people think eating more will contribute to their body growth, but not for the same for our brain growth. Eating so much food makes the brain's arteries rigid and thereby reducing its power! So next time you think to eat much, remind it.

Sleeping head covered💤

Our brain needs 20% of total oxygen intake from outside.

When we sleep our lights off and blanked covering head, it limits the oxygen intake to the brain and thereby affects it negatively. Also sleeping like this increases the carbon dioxide amount in the body.


Who doesn't do it?

I must tell you, your brain is actually not made for this! When you're multitasking, your brain only shifts its focus to different works constantly thereby releasing stress hormone cortisol and adrenaline and cases "Brain Fog"!

Information overload 😓

You think lots of information will make you smarter. Well, I must tell you, lots of information at a time overloads the memorizing capacity of the brain and chances born when it loses some of it. So better you divide huge information into chunks!

Heavy sugar intake 🍭

(Mmmmm, Yummy!😋)

We all like sugar and sweets, and we all know what are the consequences of taking lots of sugar. Our brain suffers negatively due to it, heavy sugar intake reduces its protein and nutrients intake capacity which results in its damage.

Omitting breakfast 🥙

It's late, will not have breakfast today!

After a long sleep, our brain needs nutrition intake, if you leave-taking breakfast you're not only affecting your brain but also reducing your professional and career growth in the long run.

Noise 🔊

"Music, loud bro! It's time to party"

We all are living in a chaotic world where we experience lots of noise being continuously produced. This contributes to brain damage too.

Advice - Use noise-canceling headphones and reduce the volume to 50% when listening 🎧

Not exercising 🦥

Too heavy to work out, right?

I know, but you know its consequences...

Not only destroy you physically but also mentally. A small run of 1 km or even a walk of 20 minutes in the morning contributes significantly to your health (mentally+physically)

Procrastination 📓🎶📱

The much you do procrastinate, the much drastically you affect your mental health. You also reduce your focus and your brain also loves doing this. Reduces your consideration power and thinking ability in the long run.

Not getting enough sleep 🛌🏻

Proper sleep for a healthy body. The brain needs time to recharge itself

Well, our brain cells grow faster, its cells' size increases and all the information acquired during the day gets processed during sleep. Thus a proper amount of sleep indeed.

Social Neglect ❌

"Man is by nature a social animal"


Your brain too needs proper social interaction (not virtual) for increasing emotional and mental wellness. Neglecting social meetings and interactions Woman and man holding hands hinders brains' happiness, growth, and development.

Dehydrated body 💧

Lack of water in the body impacts the cognitive abilities of the brain, thinking level and creativity touches a negative impact. Concentration power decreases and focus gets stammered due to lack of water. So, it's very important to keep yourself hydrated all the time.

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End of the article, I hope I could deliver some essential pieces of knowledge and wisdom so far. Thank you for reading out this thread, it means a lot. Please help grow and prosper my content.