#14daysbreakloop - A sprint to stay consistent & build ideas

#14daysbreakloop - A sprint to stay consistent & build ideas

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It's being the time when the well-known extension community 100daysof.codes initiated a challenge called #14daysbreakloop challenge(Round 2) for all developers and learning coders. Round one of this challenge had ended, now it's the time for the 2nd round which is on the way to commencement. Let's dive more to know more about that.

What is the #14daysbreakloop challenge 👩🏻‍💻

It is a streak maintaining-challenge for learning coders and developers for maintaining a consistent streak for 14 days. It is being commenced from 24 February of 2021 and will stay for 14 days.

These 14days of challenge should be maintained with consistency so that you can get consistent in your real life and start to become productive in your way to developer journey


Based on the insight of 'Nothing is more effective than consistency when it comes to making your company, creating a new habit or your performance, stand out' they have organized a journey for all to get more consistent in our work

"I pray to be like the ocean, with soft currents, maybe waves at the time. More and more, I want the consistency rather than the highs and lows.”

What is the eligibility criteria for participating in this challenge 🏁

Actually, there are not any strict eligibility criteria for the same. All are open to participating in this challenge and everyone can do it.

How can I participate in this challenge 🥇

If you are a coder who uses 100daysof.codes extension in their google enabled browser, then they can do participate in this challenge. If you haven't used tried this extension, then you should try this extension on your browser and enroll in this challenge. Url for downloading: 🔗 100daysof.codes

What I have to do in this challenge🏃🏻‍♀️

As cleared above already, you have to maintain a streak for 14 days in which you will stay consistent. Remain consistent in what you are learning now and create your daily tasks on your 100daysof.codes page


If you create any project within these days, then don't forget to share it there in your task-list, so that the links may get showcased in front of the developer community. At the end of the journey, show the world your 14 days of experience and how being consistent helped you, and other tips that you want to give to all by making an article 📃on Hashnode by tagging #14daysbreakloop, and don't forget your creations on Twitter by tagging #14daysbreakloop too

Prize list for winners🏆

🥇1 grand prize: 1000INR Worth Amazon card gift💳 or equivalent money💸

🎖3 runners-ups will be getting a brand T-Shirt 👕 by 100daysof.codes

👍🏻So, why are you waiting for, get yourself enrolled in the challenge and get a chance to show your skills and projects in front of the world

Hats-Off to the creators⭐


Karthi Keyan

Gigahertz Innovations