14 days journey towards consistency

14 days journey towards consistency

My streak maintaining journey and what I learned in these 14 days, in a short-form article✍🏻

It's the end of the #14daysbreakloop challenge and today I am describing my journey in this article. This article will describe my 14-day journey and its impact on my life, in short

This challenge started from 📅Feb-24-2021 and ended on Mar-09-2021 on Twitter with the initiative of 100daysof.codes

I participated in this challenge with my motto of learning Numpy Random Distribution & Visualization as a part of Statistical Programming and for learning various concepts of Swift lang for iOS development👨🏻‍💻

Day 1 started with Numpy random distribution and ended the days with completing almost all the topics in my Swift course. It all started with a sudden thought of having myself more proficient in statistical programming and getting myself learned Swift for iOS Development.

After Day 3, I suffered a lot, my body got weakened and my energy level got very down, I was not able to do any labor tasks but somehow managed myself till the end of the streak. I dedicated myself to complete this challenge no matter what, and I don't know how I got myself to the end of the streak and completed my targets🏆

True Ambition and Correct Dedication is what makes a man from zero become a Hero

I don't think of myself as a great programmer, nor I am, but what makes me proud of myself is I am consistent in my approach

Some of the concepts of Numpy random distributions that I learned in those days are 👇🏻

📊Poisson Distribution

📊Binomial Distribution

📊Gaussian Distribution

📊Uniform Distribution 

📊Chi-Square Distribution

📊Multinomial Distribution

📊Exponential Distribution


I also worked in learning many concepts of Swift language and did a lot of exercises to make myself better, some of these include

🧪Computed Property









When I started learning distributions and visualization many days ago, I was not able to catch the actual concepts behind those, because I was not consistent in my approach. That's why I lacked many concepts of statistical programming. But, Consistency is the Key, It really helped me do so when I became consistent in my approach for learning random distributions and visualizations, I saw myself learning the core concepts more clearly than ever.

How the #14daysbreakloop challenge helped me⚡:

  • It made me be consistent with my goal

  • It made me experience how it feels when someone achieves his/her dedicated targets

  • It taught me the art of completing dedicated tasks

  • I learned what real progress means for me

  • Maintaining constancy even for 14 days became a routine for me

  • These 14 days actually helped me building respect for my goals

  • Consistency helped me getting more towards the process, instead of getting focused on the goal and outcomes

  • These 14 days changed my ideology of being focused on enjoying the process instead of dreaming about what the outcomes would be

John Maxwell said it right👇🏻

Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time

And it really is, when we are consistent in our approach, we start seeing changes in our lifestyle, it may not bring changes at a fast pace, but brings a profound change in the future in a slow momentum.

You don't have to do too much, just pick a goal, have a dedicated mindset to achieve it, and be consistent in your approach. I believe consistency and the right dedication will let you win what you want

Generally, we all focus on the goals and the outcomes. When we do this, we don't enjoy the process but suffer it. We all should respect our goals and enjoy the process. An ideal outcome will be waiting for you when we reach the finish line

I hope that this article might have given you a bit of inspiration from my journey. Wish you all the very best🙏🏻